Trying to Get Tip*C?? Have a Cupcake!!

“Dynamic Duo”

There’s been a lot of booze, I mean buzz lately about a new Cupcake shop in Rhode Island called Tip*C Cupcakes. What makes Tip*C so special? Judging by the name you can probably guess – all of their cupcakes are infused with alcohol!

It’s a decadent dessert with a sinister twist, ingeniously created for adults. Tip*C takes a top-shelf approach to baking by using some premium cognacs, tequilas, bourbon, etc. Truthfully, I don’t have much of a sweet tooth, but the concept of using liquor in cupcakes had me curious. So I headed over to North Providence to indulge in some devilish treats.

Note to self – don’t go to a bakery right before they close. That was my first mistake. Apparently Tip*C is only open until 5pm Tuesday through Saturday (closed Sunday and Monday). As a result, the selection was scarce, and understandably so. Bakeries make their products fresh in the morning and sometimes throughout the day, never an hour before closing. My options were limited to an assortment of about 7-8 different cupcakes. This was disappointing because I like to have more variety. My timing was poor but it was entirely my fault.

“Mad Monk”

I eagerly chose the “Mad Monk”, a chocolate cupcake soaked in Bailey’s, Kahlua, and filled with Peanut Butter. The cupcake itself was reasonably moist. The frosting was similar to whipped cream, which I preferred because it was airy and not overly sweet.

My only complaint was the abundance of peanut butter that filled the center. The peanut butter coated the roof of my mouth and prevented me from tasting the true flavors of the alcohol. Nonetheless, it was still a tasty treat and a bargain for only $2.

“Strawberry Margarita”

My fiancé ordered the “Strawberry Margarita” made with Strawberry Vodka and Tequila. Before I proceed, I want to point out that my fiancé has a weakness for all things sweet; she does not discriminate against desserts of any kind. However, Tip*C managed to create a cupcake she couldn’t finish. The cupcake had a spongy consistency similar to angel food cake, just as bland and tasteless too.

The frosting tasted purely like Crisco. It had the same oily, greasy, petroleum jelly-like texture.  I understand frosting needs Crisco, but it also needs other ingredients too! Worst of all, we were searching for the Strawberry Vodka and Tequila. According to Tip*C, their cupcakes are made using no water, just alcohol and juice. With the taste of liquor missing, this was just an ordinary cupcake.

Unfortunately, Tip*C Cupcakes didn’t live up to the hype.  I am willing to give it another shot (no pun intended). I just hope next time I can actually taste the alcohol. I’m curious to hear if anyone else had a similar experience. Let us know in the comments section below!!!!

Price: $
Quality: 5/10
Taste: 4/10

-Nick B.

Tip*C Cupcakes on Urbanspoon

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One Response to Trying to Get Tip*C?? Have a Cupcake!!

  1. Boondoggle says:

    The selection wasn’t scarce because you went before closing- that’s all they ever have. Same selections all the time too. I honestly was excited for something new to the whole cupcake craze but this did not live up to my expectations. Very bland cupcakes, very small and the frosting is awful. Not one to give up on the first try I went back for more a month later. Still same offerings and still bland. Not sure how they’ve stayed in business……

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