The Cuban Revolution is Here!!

It’s time to take a stand!!! It’s time to let your opinion be heard!!! Put down that Chinese take-out menu and rise up out of that office chair!!! Next time you’re out for lunch with co-workers or friends MAKE SURE you head to The Cuban Revolution.

With two locations in Providence, The Cuban Rev brings you back to the time of Fidel Castro, JFK, and The Beatles. They also serve up some of the best Cuban-inspired cuisine around along with many staples of the Caribbean and Latin America.

Trio of “Tapas”

This past Friday I linked up with my friend Jon for a late lunch. We usually play it safe by going to Thayer St. but he mentioned he had never been to Cuban Rev. Boy was he in for a treat.

We started out by ordering some appetizers or “tapas”. The Cuban Rev offers over 25 different apps to choose from so it was difficult to narrow down our choices to just 3.

Tostones Alioli w/ Garlic Dip

I am embarrassed to say this but….these tasted better than my Mom’s tostones. Also known as fried plantains, these crunchy creations are simply irresistible. The crispy exterior was coated with perfect amounts of salt and seasonings and gave way to a hot, chewy interior. The garlic dip was a bit overpowering but it definitely added to the overall flavor of the tostones. My advice is to apply a thin layer atop the surface of the tostones to avoid heavy globs of the creamy spread.

Crabcakes w/ Chipotle Dip

I love seafood so when I noticed these bad boys on the menu I just couldn’t resist.  The mixture of stone crab, bread crumbs, and seasonings left me wanting more. Surprisingly, the outer coating of the cake was not greasy which was a plus. My only complaint was the amount of crab that was in each cake. For $8 I was expecting a delicious disc full of lump stone crab meat.  Instead I felt as if I was eating potato croquettes.

As you can see it wasn’t the Crabcake I had envisioned, but it was still tasty!

The chipotle was a great way to add some heat into the sweet taste of the crabcake. The dip was so good I actually used it for all of the appetizers!

Shrimp and Maduro Kabob

The great thing about plantains is their versatility. They can be fried, steamed, grilled, mashed, and baked. And the Cuban Rev certainly showed off one of the many variations in this dish.  The pairing of the jumbo shrimp and golden, pan-fried plantains were the stars of the show. I had to beg Jon to share this plate because it looked amazing!

A succulent, grilled Jumbo Shrimp was flanked by two chunks of sweet, carmelized pieces of maduro. Once again, Cuban Rev managed to keep these from becoming drenched in oil and grease. At $6 it is well priced (shrimp is HUGE) and the collection of flavors and textures were phenomenal.

Corona Beer-Battered Cod Fish Sandwich w/ “Che” Fries

And here come the entrees!! I went for the beer-battered fish sandwich with a side of sweet potatoes fries. Overall, it was a very solid dish. I actually tasted the Corona in the batter which was awesome!!

The pieces of Cod were very flaky and the house-made Chimichurri spread was very flavorful. The mixture of parsley, olive oil, garlic, and red pepper flakes provided the sandwich with an unexpected kick. This dish was a very pleasant surprise especially because you can never taste the beer in the batter.

“World’s Best Cuban” on Homemade Cuban Bread

Jon went with a classic and it did not disappoint. Most Cuban sandwiches are made with thick, tough pieces of ham and roasted pork. Cuban Rev changes it up by layering the sandwich with paper-thin sheets of meat. I prefer it that way because it allows you to fully enjoy the other components of the Cuban. We also found out that they bake all of their Cuban bread in-house!!

The only negative aspect was the absence of a side. No fries, no rice, nothing.

The high ceilings and industrial “feel” resulted in an open, welcoming atmosphere

The Cuban Revolution is quickly becoming one of my favorites, and for good reasons. As a matter a fact, I went back days after my initial visit! So throw on that dingy Che’ T-Shirt and get ready because the Revolution has just been televised!

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7 Responses to The Cuban Revolution is Here!!

  1. You are celebrating the subjugation and oppression of a country with a restaurant? You are making money off a country’s pain and hunger and I hope you all reap the just rewards for that. Truly American imperialism at it’s disgusting best.

  2. Renee says:

    That food looks AMAZING! Too bad it is so far away! Any chance on the Cuban Revolution coming to Florida?

  3. We are just celebrating food…nothing more, nothing less. We don’t run the place, we just love to eat there!! And Renee….it LOOKED and TASTED amazing!! The closest is in Durhan, NC!! HeHeHe….maybe there’s a roadtrip in the making for you!!!


  4. JimmyHattz says:

    FrontRowEats holding it down, Great write up and pics!

  5. Thanks Jimmy!!! Always appreciate the feedback


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