‘Cuz I’m a Cheeseboy When I Shutterbug!!!

I really hate the mall. I hate trying things on and waiting in long lines for stale pretzels. It’s just not my thing. I’ve never been a fan of food courts. Usually it’s a strip of fast food chains and Chinese restaurants. Always disappointing. So it was a pleasant surprise when I noticed a small, inviting eatery on the 3rd floor of the Providence Place Mall this past week.

Cheeseboy is the first grilled cheese franchise in America and it’s quickly gaining a cult-like following. Currently there are 7 locations sprinkled throughout CT, MA, NY, and RI with more openings on the way. So I put my presumptions behind me and decided to head to Providence Place and see what Cheeseboy was all about.

One of the first things I noticed was the menu. There are four “signature” sandwiches and a create-your-own section with a variety of cheeses, vegetables, and meats. I went with the Cheeseboy Classic (American cheese on Italian) and customized it a bit with slices of Cabot White Cheddar and Bacon. And nothing goes better with grilled cheese than a cup of creamy tomato soup, so it was a no brainer to pair it with my cheesy creation.

I loved the buttery crunch of the sandwich and the cheese was melted to perfection. The bacon was hardly a factor because the cheddar was so overpowering in flavor. I would have preferred more slices of bacon to somehow create a balance, but other than that, one of the better grilled cheese sandwiches I’ve had in quite some time.

Here’s another one of their signature sandwiches, the Cheddar Delight. It’s like their version of a Cuban Sandwich. Thin slices of ham and cheddar are layered between rye and then grilled to a golden brown. I actually enjoyed this sandwich because of the pickles. I would have never thought pickles and grilled cheese made sense…but apparently they do!

Grilled cheese just isn’t enough. You need the soup to make it complete! Right off the bat, there were strong hints of…you guessed it…cheese!  I’m not the biggest tomato soup fan so I really can’t compare it to others I’ve had in the past, however, it went well with the sandwiches.

If you’re really, really, really hungry just be aware that Cheeseboy isn’t the most filling of meals. It’s perfect for lunch, or when you’re in the mood for a quick, cheesy snack. One of my friends, who works at the T-Mobile store on the same floor, admitted to eating 1-3 grilled cheeses a day!! So it’s pretty obvious that these potent portables can be highly addicting. Don’t say I didn’t warn ya… ;)

Cheeseboy on Urbanspoon

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One Response to ‘Cuz I’m a Cheeseboy When I Shutterbug!!!

  1. Jacki Mo says:

    that first photo has totally rendered me spechless. i’m totally swooning over here!

    *the best things in life are CHEESE

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