Woonsocket’s Very Own: Vintage Restaurant


If you are living in Providence, what are the chances that you will drive out of your way to Woonsocket for dinner? Be honest.  It would really have to be worth the drive, right? And if you live further south, like Warwick or North Kingston, then just forget it.  Well what if a restaurant not only offered a variety of tasty choices but had specials like 3 days of $10 entrees?  Now that we have your interest, you’ll want more details on Vintage, a Woonsocket restaurant with a twist.

We were surprised by the eclectic options on the menu, ranging from sushi to vegetarian choices. That said, the sushi list looked intriguing and we started the night with the option that truly sampled their extensive offering of fish.

Hawaiian Roll

There will always be a place in our hearts for spicy mayo.

Hawaiian Roll ($13)

A Trio of tuna, salmon, and yellowtail rolled with spicy mayo, avocado and tobiko. The maki roll was fresh and tasty, so Vintage gets an A- for sushi. Why the minus? The roll wasn’t as tight as we’d like. When it starts to fall apart, sushi just isn’t the same.


Grilled Brie ($8)

An appetizer worth sharing, the grilling got the brie nice and warm, but baking would have helped. Would have tasted better too. We need that melty, gooey brie!

Sauteed Beef  Tenderloin ($9)

Think Beef Stroganoff on chewy focaccia bread. Generous strips of tenderloin filled the plate. Great portion for an appetizer. However, the hints of wild mushroom never really surfaced.

Sweet Potato Gnocchi ($17)

The gnocchi was prepared in a brown butter but it unfortunately fell flat. Towards the end it left nothing but a bland taste, as if you were eating plain pasta. Nothing else was wrong with the dish and it was cooked well and the texture was perfect for gnocchi. Keep in mind that Vintage changes their menu options often and if you look on their website at this moment, you will see a different gnocchi dish.

Steak Frites ($21)

A slab o’ sirloin plated with some hand cut fries. Simple dish. Simple flavors. Fries were slightly crispy and chewy. Easily could have eaten an entire plate of those. Sirloin was cooked to order, but lacked a much-needed crust/rub.


We really like the direction Vintage restaurant is going. They are consistently changing their menu. And that allows them to introduce new flavors and ingredients to familiar dishes. Their weekly specials and promotions are also a nice way for them to build a relationship with the customer and the community as well. Next time we’re in Woonsocket, Vintage will most certainly be on our stomach radars.

Vintage Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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