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Bizarre Foods Baltimore & Chesapeake Bay – The Andrew Zimmern Quotables

This past Monday, we were treated to another episode of Bizarre Foods America as Andrew Zimmern tagged alongside many of the locals in the Baltimore and Chesapeake Bay area. The themes of the episode revolved around the long-standing roots and … Continue reading

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David Burke Prime Dishes Out Their Take on Brunch

Nationally renowned chef David Burke recently unveiled a new brunch menu at his Burke Prime Foxwoods location. After hearing the news, we decided to hop on 95 South to give some of their new dishes a try. Any mention of … Continue reading

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My Favorite Quentin Tarantino Food Scenes

There’s no denying Quentin Tarantino is one of the greatest directors of our time. His approach to filmmaking is what many would call unique, and if I could describe his movies in one word it’d be: Details. Tarantino’s mind is stocked with … Continue reading

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¡Holy Mole! Mexican Food Gold Mine at La Lupita

You ever get into one of those food moods where you’re eating nothing but Mac and Cheese or endless bowls of Captain Crunch? It’s like damn, I really like romaine lettuce today. Call it a binge or a food phase. … Continue reading

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What’s in the Fridge? Pork and Onion Cheeseburgers

Going to the grocery store is fun. Yeah I said it. In fact, any type of excursion that involves a market, bakery or bodega automatically becomes an errand to look forward to. I might not even consider it an errand. … Continue reading

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Our Top Picks for Super Bowl Sunday

We’re going to keep this short and sweet today. It’s Superbowl Sunday and in less than a few hours, millions across the country and the world will be glued to their TV’s to watch the San Francisco 49ers square up against the … Continue reading

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Back to the Basics: A Fresh Take on Cooking with Chef Govind Armstrong

The expression “less is more“, has always been an adage to the lifestyle of keeping things pure and simple. In the case of Chef Govind Armstrong, he takes that adage very seriously. His obsession with fresh, seasonal ingredients and produce … Continue reading

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Where Brooklyn At?: Chef Elizabeth Falkner Nets a New Home in the BK

In less than 72 hours, thousands of food and wine enthusiasts will be brushing shoulders with some of the most notable chefs in the game. With a lineup including the likes of Bobby Flay, Robert Irvine and Todd English, the … Continue reading

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Wine, Grub and Harrison Ford: A Q&A with Top Chef’s Betty Fraser

It’s been six years since her debut on Season 2 of Bravo’s Top Chef, but Betty Fraser has remained relevant as the highly energetic, honest chef with a “tell it how it is” attitude. And that persona and passion for … Continue reading

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Huddle Up and Eat! Dave & Buster’s Providence unveils New Menu and Sports Bar

Not too long ago, Dave & Buster’s Providence Place was commonly heralded as the promise land of Goldfingers, Double Cheeseburgers, Virtual Tennis and Time Crisis. Although, over time, D&B began to lose its luster as the destination for all things … Continue reading

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